Grateful Advocates for Catholic Education



Catholic schools are unique and distinct.  In Alberta we use The 5 Marks of a Catholic School to describe the unique nature of Catholic education.

Mark 1: Created in the Image of God                   

In a Catholic school we...

         Believe that each person is created in the image of God

         Know that each person has an eternal destiny

         Embrace the dignity of all

         Recognize and celebrate the gifts and talents of others

         Allocate resources to support and enhance the well being and the physical, emotional, academic and spiritual development of staff and students

Mark 2: Catholic Worldview                                                                      

In a Catholic school we...            

         Share a Catholic worldview through activities and events

         Create physical spaces in our schools that reflect our Catholic perspective

         Foster a Catholic worldview of reflection, service and sacramentality

         Make decisions rooted in Gospel  teaching

         Embed sacramental routines (prayer, mass, liturgies, scripture and worship) and reminders in the culture of the school and district

Mark 3: Faith Permeation                                      

In a Catholic school we...                                                                                                

         Incorporate a religious dimension in all learning

         Advocate for a sacred perspective within a secular context

         Encourage a critical evaluation of contemporary culture,

         Provide opportunities for staff to develop their abilities to infuse faith into curriculum and pedagogy

         Teach Catholic values by fostering a love for wisdom and truth

Mark 4: Witness                              

In a Catholic school we...                                                                                                                                         

         Witness to others a life lived in relationship with Jesus

         Participate actively in the life of  the Church

         Pray personally and lead others in prayer

         Demonstrate a knowledge of faith and commit to faith development

         Create a vision for evangelization and ministry

Mark 5: Community                        

In a Catholic school we...                                                

         Live in community, spiritual unity and relationship

         Recognize that God will be found in each other

         Foster reconciliation

         Develop priorities and protocols to address the needs of the marginalized

        Honor parents/guardians as primary partners in education


GrACE (Grateful Advocates for Catholic Education) has been in existence since November 2018.  Created by the Bishops of Alberta, the Alberta Catholic School Trustees (ACSTA) and the Council for Catholic School Superintendents (CCSSA), GrACE seeks to  unite, engage, educate and communicate with one voice on behalf of Catholic education.

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