Transportation Update: April 16, 2018

This notice is for Okotoks and High River areas only:

We will continue to monitor carefully, but there is concern that some rural routes may not be navigable this afternoon. We have been advised by Southland Transportation that if it is convenient and safe for parents to do so, they should consider going to the school to pick up their child(ren) or be prepared to make arrangements for after school hours in the event that rural students cannot be delivered home.

Southland Transportation has informed us that there were some challenges this morning with portions of some rural routes in the Okotoks and High River areas, and in some cases the roads have deteriorated even more.

Although the highways are tending to be wet and slushy, we have been informed that several secondary roads on the rural routes have accumulated more snow, and may compromise safe travel by bus.

The current plan is that at the end of the day bus drivers will accommodate in town stops, and will attempt to complete the rural portion of each route. If the rural portion of the route cannot be completed, parents will be contacted, to make arrangements to connect. If accommodations cannot be made, the bus will return to the school, parents will be notified, and parents will be asked to make alternate arrangments: to pick up their child(ren) or make alternate arrangements to have the student(s) picked up by a friend relative, or attend at a friend’s house.