Funding for Sports


Jumpstart is a program sponsored by Canadian Tire to help parents with the burden which sports fees can be. I am the HCC representative for Jumpstart.   I fill out the application - all I need from you is your phone call to me. You do not have to submit any financial record; you just have to explain your reason for accessing the Jumpstart program.  Jumpstart can pay your child’s school sports team fees as well as sports programs like our hockey option. You can also access funding for sports fees outside of school for your child.

Jumpstart is a very discreet program. The cheque would come to the school from Jumpstart. It would have the registration number from my submission but would not have your child’s name connected in any way. Your child’s coach/teacher would not know fees were paid by Jumpstart; the coach/teacher would just be informed that fees are paid.  

Please give me a call if you are in a position where paying your child’s sports costs are difficult.

Crystal Wahl, BSW, RSW

Family School Liaison Worker

Holy Cross Collegiate

Phone: 403 901-2050 


Office Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday