Funding for Sports


Jumpstart is a program sponsored by Canadian Tire to help parents with the burden which sports fees can be. Up to $300 per semester per child is available through this program.  This applies to both school sports fees as well as community sport fees.

1. Go to their website:

2. Click on "Apply"

3. Go to the first column "I'm an Individual" and click on "Fund Guidelines"

4. Review the instructions in the Fund Guidelines adn then click on "Start Application" at the bottom and follow the instructions.

*If you do decide to utilize Jumpstart for HCC sports team fees, please let the HCC office know what your Submission number so we know to expect payment from Jumpstart for your child.*


If you are having difficulty with the application process, our family School Liaison Worker, Mrs. Crystal Wahl will gladly help you.  Email: or call 403 901 2050 (Tuesday through Thursday)

A list of potential athletic team fees have been posted on our website, click on the ABOUT link on our website and then School Fees.  These fees have been set for the year. 

If you cannot pay the fee and for some reason are unable to receive funding via Jumpstart then please contact our principal Mr. Lavern Evans directly. Email: